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Pop Art Toaster Products
Standard Toasters Features

2 Image Plastic Toaster

White (CT-8192RW#2)
Plates Included: I’m Hot, Bite Me




4 Image Plastic Toaster

Aqua (CT8194RA) Black (CT8194RB) Red (CT-8194RR) White (CT-8194RW)
Plates Included: birthday cake, smile face, LUV U, coffee cup


4 Image Plastic Stupid Toaster by David & Goliath

White (CT-8194DGW) Aqua (CT-8194DGA)
Plates included: boys ‘r smelly, chicks rule, I’m Toast, Drama Queen





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'Frozen' defrost items straight out of the freezer

'Cancel' stops the toasting process

'Reheat' to warm your toast

7 heat settings to select how toasty you want your bread


Removable crumb tray makes cleaning easy



Easy-to-remove toaster plates (removal hook included) 

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